Theft Is Escalated to a Federal Offense

This was once a thought through science fiction, but it has since become part of the world’s reality. With the rise of the computer and digital age, these crimes have become part of the mainstream activity. Though it takes more money to perpetrate crimes with virtual reality materials, the crimes may be more sophisticated. Because more resources are required to carry out crimes, these individuals may adhere to strict safety measures on their own end.

Virtual Reality

Some games allow a person to fly over cities in the virtual world created. Others permit the player to walk a tightrope set between buildings. Sports games have been created to provide a personal feel in the game as one of the players on the team. With the use of a virtual reality headset, an individual may view the first-person perspective and become a part of the reality he or she sees before him or her. This gives these persons a variety of particularly realistic experiences with a highly increasing resolution that is displayed across the helmet screen. However, even knowing the games are only illusion, a person may be hesitant to initiate that first step or first play in a sports game. The illusion is so real to the eye that the brain feels the emotions associated with the actions someone would take.

Virtual reality was created with the experience in mind. A person may immerse himself or herself in the world of the reality created within the game or network. This means walking a tightrope appears to be so real, the person may experience shaking legs or the vertigo of being so high up. Others may have experiences of anxiety, fear or excitement depending upon what the interface shows. It is important for those in these games to understand that the software is not real. The game is only a game, and it cannot interact with the real world. Even constant contact with the virtual arena may affect a person in this way until confronted with the deaths that games often provide.

Potentially Unethical

Some instances of games veer into the possibility of unethical experiences. This has been seen in movies, television and books throughout history. A person creates something that may be used or is used without the utilization of morals. This could be through virtual reality games that allow the player to kill others in ways that appear just as real is in the physical world. The planning and carrying through of a bank robbery to include the getaway car and killing law enforcement officers could be one facet of this evolution.

Through software development and engineering, a person skilled in the use of virtual reality may create a game that allows a person to molest and kill children of varying ages. Even though this would be created by an individual, it could be distributed to others. Doing so is considered a crime by law enforcement with all accompanying penalties of a child molester. Even within the safe confines of virtual reality, a crime is taking place. The images of these children would in most instances come from real children in the world. This would be possession of child pornography. Even if this is not a reality yet, it is possible for these actions to occur. Other such unethical actions may occur as well depending on the person that develops these games.

The Future of Virtual Reality Crimes

Though simulations such as the child molestation and killing example may not be in existence or known to exist to law enforcement agencies or software developers, it could be a possibility in the future as technology advances and evolves. The probability of unethical games being produced is possible in the current computer setting. As personal fantasies may be projected into the virtual world, the question most often asked is should they be. The human imagination is vast and unlimited, but ethics and morals often restrict a person from committing certain actions due to what is expected, what may be charged as a crime, and what is right and wrong.

It is important to apply laws to these possibilities as artificial intelligence and virtual reality have started to become part of the mainstream arena. As what was once science fiction is becoming part of the current world, it is essential to stop asking questions and implement regulations through law enforcement and create precedents for legal ramifications.